Bazaar net is a gift Manchester red bud stupid business

is the same as many entrepreneurial stories. Bazaar network CEO Mann red bud had done a few years of Carrefour, WAL-MART clothing suppliers, "a little tired, but do not make money, always wanted to turn to." Bazaar is gifts network started out in this small idea of.

with the improvement of living standards, coupled with the increase of emotional elements given by the gift, each person has a personalized demand for gifts. "This is not to send gifts can be solved." Mann red Lei said, once and a friend to talk about gifts, we are complaining more and more ‘difficult’ gift."

so, the initial product form bazaar network: an exquisite gift book, on a variety of options, customers booking by telephone network is responsible for the distribution of gifts, bazaar.

In October 2005

, a commercial and residential buildings in Chaoyang District’s Beijing, Hong Lei and 7 colleagues began to work round the clock. At the bazaar network scale is also small, only by a few telephone enough business. Later, like China Mobile this level of large customers in the beginning of the end of 2006 intensive, I had to consider the internet. At this time, bazaar network was now the shadow." Mann red bud said.

because of the added factors of Internet, man himself red bud don’t know how to define bazaar network business model. For the classification of bazaar network, industry there are also different voices. Some say it directly to the enterprise, it should be B2B, and some think it is to provide services to each individual, more like B2C. But in the Mann red bud, I just feel that we sell the product with the pure B2C is different, we are selling services, the Internet is a tool, and the mobile Internet is also."

"but it’s really getting harder and harder, and loyalty is the lowest." Red bud to the man confessed, "this year from last year’s book about the customer, the next year will likely be lost. Gifts are difficult to standardize, each big customer requirements are not the same."

in people’s minds, the gift book usually has a standard, just add a company Logo on this basis, with a greeting card, you can easily meet the needs of the customer’s personalized. Mann red Lei said, there are some completely customized gift book is very difficult, Johnson had asked us to complete a complete eye related gift book. Moreover, the gift season is very concentrated, the reaction time is very short. So we’ve been doing the process. From the demand, how to calculate the cost of the assignment, who is responsible for the supplier, how to cooperate with the design gift book…… Now, of course, these are pipelined jobs."

after several years of development, now in the bazaar network products library, control of thousands of elements, now they can complete a very personalized demand in 10 days.

"but in fact, you think about it, a mid autumn festival will serve hundreds of large customers, each customer is at least tens of thousands of

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