Dunhuang Wang Shutong don’t be afraid to venture detours also don’t want to get rich

Wang Shutong, chief executive officer of

network in Dunhuang, said in an interview with NetEase, said that in China entrepreneurship, there are few successful 35 years, mostly long-distance running. So, have to think about whether they are suitable for this kind of life, and, running out of the sand shoe. At the same time, don’t be discouraged in the face of adversity, and in times of prosperity, when the tide of market economy is booming, and don’t really do not know who you are. Many companies do not know who they are when it fell into the ditch inside. The specific content of interviews, an entrepreneur.



chose to start a business?

Q: you leave Tsinghua has been twenty years, twenty years ago you came down from Tsinghua podium into Microsoft, then went to CISCO from Microsoft, and later founded excellence and Dunhuang, each choice, for others, are required great courage, because those who are out of a relatively comfortable position, choose to start from zero. Where do you come from so much courage, why have the courage to make such a choice?

Wang Shutong: after so many years, I also made some summary and analysis. The central point is that I can listen to the call of my own heart, to follow their own passion, to make their own choice. So I can leave those who seem to be more comfortable, or some of the more dazzling position, went to a lot of uncertainty in the entrepreneurial career. And in this way I was actually making choices, making decisions, taking action, and to this day I’m really proud of what I did.

Q: what are the biggest challenges you face when you start a business?

Wang Shutong: personal entrepreneurship and professional managers in large enterprises, the need for psychological quality and a lot of ideas are quite different.

in the enterprise you may never need to worry about the problem of survival, because these companies have very strong capital, good brand, so is there you can think of how I let the headquarters of the execution strategy. But when you go to the entrepreneurial enterprises, Pumianerlai is the pressure of survival, the next month you can not send salary, next month your server rental cost is not able to dig out, this is a very harsh environment.

second I also feel quite deep, is in the multinational enterprise development strategy, in fact you don’t have any chance to set the whole company, not to mention setting such a business model, but for the business enterprise, the whole enterprise development direction, strategy and tactics of business operations, including the construction of the team culture, you should set up from zero. You have been in the big business for many years, it has a very mature system, so for many multinational companies out of the manager, how to develop a comprehensive strategy is a big challenge. Because all of his training in the past was a local strategy

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