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shopping every day to celebrate the Mid Autumn Festival package folded

Hello, eleven, in the Mid Autumn Festival approaching, daily shopping network launched special Mid-Autumn Festival to celebrate the national day of     set the discount activities,  
            http://s.www.7shop24.com/cuxiaoqu/yzq070906/ 07yzq.htm  connection address:  

1, the activities listed in the basic brand to meet the different needs of high school market, and are carefully selected,

        market reputation brand. Especially suitable for company procurement.

        2, the purpose of this event is to save time and money. You can according to their own time to call every day shopping network order.

        saves a large amount of super market in the market rush, eliminating the merchants with intrigue, bitter trifles.

        3, the discount of the activity: the more the number, the greater the amount, the lower the discount! For details!  
        Tel: 010-51290005         

        the right of final interpretation of this event belongs to the daily shopping network.

YES! PPG Yiqifa the login today!!

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