A letter to a network of young lovers

Recently received a lot of mail and QQ messages. Said like this station www.admin5.com

has been searching for useful information on the website. And inspiration     but always did not find their own direction

I here to write their own point of view:

1) if you want to do, do it immediately, don’t drag, not free time, don’t hesitate,

Lima hands snapadoo. Time is wasted. Miss a lot of opportunities in your hesitationMany of my friends do

2) learn to endure hardship, learn to think the network has a lot of nuggets opportunities not everyone can find not everyone can

can be hard-working and suffer hardship with head not mouth):

3) website to learn to swim in the water than in the shore must be familiar with the network language learning HTML language     www.admin5.com/html immediately went to the site

4) traffic flow is difficult skill to do very difficult for many companies this distress, but will flow easily, don’t ask me how to do traffic, I have no way, I also often employees together to brainstorm to think

5) creative only did not think, do not do, you think, you realize, looking for friends to go to a collision if you persist, you will succeed

6) circle must have a network. Come in this circle, a lot of friends with the same interest with the exchange,

7) network make money make money quickly is very slow, a lot of talent website 2 months will be able to earn thousands per month

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