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hop network WAP Alliance on the line to share the flow of money to start

According to reports from the

network navigation (tiao.net) official news, January 10, 2008, hop network navigation flow Union line, and compared to other alliance, hop network navigation alliance is concentrate on WAP field, only the promotion network navigation (tiao.net) in a single hop network alliance, alliance, can bring many benefits for the majority of owners:
two, the benefits can provide new features for the WAP website, increase access to WWW network service.
three, click return: benefits add the specified network link on the WAP website, the user each time they use a jump to access other WWW or WAP website, hop network will pay the corresponding compensation.
"salary standard: 12 yuan /1000 jump. For example: if your site can jump 5000 times a day, then, a month’s income is: $1800.

WAP website how to join it, the process is very simple:

The first step of

: after registration login network (tiao.net), and submit WAP.
second step: apply for
sixth step: fill the bank account, and pay the reward according to the hop network settlement period.

to participate in the network alliance to share the flow of money. Address:

and common WAP navigation website, jump through a jump engine unique, let the mobile phone can also visit the WWW website, hop network is super site navigation WAP and WWW two types of websites.

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