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often mom in Taobao customer forum to see a lot of stationmaster complained: "the site when traffic is heavy, thousands of IP why not order?" I often trouble for this problem, I think the first is web content more complex, this situation does not lead to higher quality IP. Later, I set up a website, the content is more specific, mainly for certain needs of customers to promote Taobao. Through the search engine optimization, several main keywords are ranked in the first two pages of Baidu, guess what? You think is not the conversion rate has been greatly improved? If think that you are wrong, the conversion rate is not high. The content of the site is mainly pseudo original between IP120-200 per day, pv450-1000 site, a month and a half since the transaction only 2 single. (which also worked for a time window promotion, 8 thousand IP daily, not an order, the window this road is blocked, the

test is not recommended.)

to do the experiment only that web content only slightly higher conversion rate, recently I have been thinking about how to build a high conversion website. Two days ago in Dangdang bought a few books, 2 books gave me some inspiration:

to build a high conversion site is the first to study your customers shopping habits. If you are promoting a relatively high price of the product so when customers browse rarely decided to purchase orders. He will certainly look at the search engine from the first look at the evaluation of this product, the use of experience, unfamiliar new products is even more so.

client for the first time to see the product description function, use method is described is the business reality, even to see the customer is not completely believe that businesses, especially in the online search? So product evaluation is a lot of people will do shopping.

search engine dedicated to customers generally have 3 types of information:

1 offers businesses, customers almost no trust.

2 web site recommended, the article recommended, are generally soft, customers sometimes trust part.

3 from the user’s voice, customers generally believe.

if you have a website, just to provide businesses with product information, the description of the business, then it is possible to see people who buy less. If the product is provided on the soft Wen, recommended articles, I think the conversion rate should be improved. If you have a site for the user evaluation, use experience, as well as the use of all aspects of the process, but also by a business address, I think sales should be a natural thing.

the name of the 2 books I bought:

"online advertising media strategy and effect evaluation"

call of action – effectively enhance the network marketing force

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