Garbage station 250P a day to earn 100 U S knife

in many webmaster, do a few non mainstream website, but a lot of people are complaining about the price of QQ non mainstream website GG price, earn less money. Indeed, I have the same feeling, I present the non mainstream station day visits a large number of four, five thousand IP, PV also has four and fifty thousand GG, but the daily income of only two, three knife, a month down may be less than $one hundred. We put a lot of effort and time to make the site, but so little income, but also a very painful thing.

recently encountered a garbage station, site visits to 250IP day, GG a month income is $more than and 100, he did not let me see his website, just taught me a few strokes, the first to share with you, hope your website income soared.

first, a web page is full of advertisements, like, this page template is found in a GG hit rate of 1.9 on the site, at the same time put on high advertising words, this page I mainly do is lose advertising, although after testing, price is not too high, but or the price is much higher than the non mainstream. Appropriate to optimize the page, each part as far as possible to show something about weight loss.

in the online search for weight loss website, specifically to copy those popular rankings in the weight of the article to do a good job in the template.

in the site to create a directory, put a good page. If you want to make a special column of words also, non mainstream sites that station modeled on Baidu ranked first, do some non mainstream non mainstream clothing, jewelry, dress Liang, column.

is the last page in the website to promote the advertising, for example, I have two JS files, all placed in the home to the most prominent position, a written form, try to use those weight-loss sites on the title, because after the test, the hit rate is very high. A flash image playback form, if you do with the picture to guide, try to put a little bit of temptation to the picture, so you can improve the click through rate, after all, a small proportion of the Internet color.

to really improve advertising revenue, as much as possible to test some of the high price of advertising words. See which earn more and put which.

Finally, I wish you all


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