Millet 4 years behind the back of the top the best person with a reliable engineer top 100

you have to find the best person, a good engineer is not the top 10, top 100.

Li Wanqiang millet Technology Vice President

first, the first step of Entrepreneurship: to solve what kind of pain points?

the first step is to determine what the product is to solve what kind of pain points.

entrepreneurial products to succeed is the premise of scratching his itch. If they are not really satisfied, and how to impress the user really in the industry to do subversion, the company is often the ultimate with the same. Not long ago we and SF express founder Wang Wei chat, he said, began to do express 20 years ago, but also because of the express industry was not satisfied, then simply press their own ideas to do a better.

MIUI millet as the first product, there are three nodes is very important. These nodes are "stories and topics of word of mouth."".

fast is the first word of mouth node, the use of more smooth. We start from the depth of customization of Android’s mobile phone system, when the MIUI is mainly doing brush ROM. On the surface, the user is in the use of mobile phone hardware, but in fact most of the control experience, in essence, or from the software. At that time a lot of brush software are individuals and some small teams do, they do not have the strength or energy to do a good job of the underlying optimization.

we to seize the "fast", the optimization of the entire desktop animation frame, the 30 frames per second to 40 frames to frame 60, silky smooth your fingers on the screen; the main user pain points individually optimized, to make a call or send the SMS module optimization have experience better, faster, such as to the common contact send text messages to 3 ~ 5, the general system, we need only two steps.

nice is the second word of mouth node. At that time, compared to apple, Android’s native interface is considered ugly. We first optimize the program to make the system faster, about three or four months after the start of the "good"". A year later, the theme of MIUI has come to the point programmable, if you have some programming skills, the theme can be done in different poses and with different expressions. MIUI in the theme of the mobile phone product design point of view, openness and depth, the entire Android system we are doing the best.

"open" is the third word of mouth node, we allow users to recompile custom MIUI system. What kind of development has brought about the openness of foreign users to participate in many of them, they have released the English version of the MIUI, Spanish, Portuguese, etc.. This open strategy to attract a lot of foreign fancier depth user to spread MIUI, reputation abroad and in turn affect the spread of domestic market, export to the domestic similar.

two, the company name, domain name, do not take it down do not

The second step is to think about the company’s name, domain name, brand manifesto and mascot, etc. these brands start work when

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