Learn tyrants Liu Chao venture two years over 500 million yuan valuation

two years ago, Liu Chao would never think of watching a Korean girl Era Concert, so he found his own "small era".

see opportunities from fans of investment performance, thus starting a business trip, this just over thirty years of age 85, "fans" era of valuation of more than 500 million yuan.

held in the months before the second session of the "Chinese Internet plus" College Students’ innovative entrepreneurship competition, Liu Chao is the only company gains competition "the most commercial value award", as the award on behalf of, also by the national leadership meeting.

2008, Liu Chao admitted to Huazhong University of Science and Technology, master’s degree in intellectual property. During graduate school, Liu Chao attended the school’s "technology innovation fund" – a still tepid student association. By chance, he was elected as chairman of the fund.

has always been ambitious, he placed in front of the excellent combat opportunities.

access to entrepreneurial resources is the key to the development of the community, consider repeatedly, Liu Chao decided to start from alumni entrepreneurs.

to shoot the central China outstanding alumni documentary and other opportunities, he took a dozen people to use cold summer vacation time went to Beijing, Shanghai and other places, visited hundreds of alumni entrepreneurs. This will include network founder Wang Chaoyong fans after investors, ChinaEquity capital group.

go out, the introduction of more than a year, Liu Chao and community students together and organized more than 200 kinds of large-scale school activities. Brand Forum, lecture, interview, academic annual meeting…… A fast activity.

led by Liu Chao, the growing influence of the community, and relying on alumni resources to get millions of dollars in funding. When he left office, the association has developed into a "science and technology innovation fund" and other five brands of the iconic community – graduate innovation and entrepreneurship practice base.

so far, this is a lot of people known as "the entrepreneurial spirit" in Central China Student Association, the members of the base enterprise "music world" recycling "treasure" fans network "the company’s total valuation has more than 3 billion yuan, becoming Liu Chao’s best memories of youth campus.

Graduate School in 2011, Shanda launched coincides with the world’s "grand campus recruitment program, expert" Liu Chao all the way through, from the talent shows itself in 30 thousand graduates.

just entered the grand, Liu Chao won 300 thousand yuan annual salary, by the grand game chairman, CEO personally taught.

"when you position yourself as a new career, you will find that there are so many things to learn." This is a scholarship every year, only 40 days on the adoption of the judicial examination of the school tyrants from scratch, every night to learn to work until after 11.

through a year of training and assessment, Liu Chao completed the "small"

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