Grass root must know knowledge of business to make money

grass root business, no money, no connections two, three have no background, in this case, business to build the company, no money, no facade to the facade, how to find good talent


world is a for profit, world Rangrang all benefits to know the various benefits of some big companies, is far better than the small company, one will be hard to find, this is almost the status of the 80% startups.

as a start-up business leader, if the "talented" people do not find, rather use "not only virtuous", also do not use the "talent without virtue"! Not for instant success, he


start on the road, the more difficult time in the enterprise, it is to hold the bottom line, even if no matter how hard to retain loyal employees, even cherish, but also determined to eliminate non talented German people, they are an obstacle on the road, the road of the development of


entrepreneurs should pay special attention to the difficulties in the enterprise, go-slow Zhuangzhong, every day, dawdle, do not think with the company had difficulty, they often complain that suffer, around unsettling, looking for "branches", ready to leave the people, these people are most likely to lead the company morale and lax curse of


most of the grassroots entrepreneurs will make such a person by mistake! Alone era past, the combat effectiveness of the team is the strongest, as long as a man of virtue together, but also the Three Stooges on top of a Zhu Geliang, let alone a whole team! And if there is no moral person befog the minds of the people. This will make the team cohesion, has not yet started fighting has lost the battle of


as a boss, people must be a hero, eat up bitter, since by the crime! Often can only one force, force the enemy army, to turn the tide, led his company through the difficulties one after another, and a move towards a brilliant


but for himself led the army, although sometimes a hyperactive helpless, but sometimes only in a mirror: Oh! Who makes your heart so strong?

The efficiency of

is essential in today’s society of living conditions, people can only high efficiency talent shows itself especially for startups, and starting at the same starting point, only the high efficiency, the fastest way to reach the end point.

Internet entrepreneurial era is the best of times, but also the worst of times. In this era, the pig met wind will fly, but the wind past killed or pig, because you are pig, everyone should think about how to control the wind, how to grasp the wind, how to enhance their own, so we should not go looking for air, but really put themselves into a little wind able to fly.

each time, have the characteristics of every age; every age, every age has in the teeth of the storm; every time, all belong to every era of success; every time, every time.

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