[] hook a startup down for 128 hours

koala bus is the first to be swallowed by the giant project capital of winter. Koala HR director Liu Bo and his CEO, Aman Chang, do a job beyond the ethics of the workplace – to help unemployed colleagues everywhere to find a job, and personally accompany them to the interview. Entrepreneurship has been just the whole society needs, we can conclude that most of them will encounter such twists and turns koala bus. The koala team in the brutal competition in the market, explains the business ethics."



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they are very good, I hope everyone gentle


bus HR director Liu Bo 5804K, the size of the resume package, Sherry to the human head pull hook net, in September 18th 10 p.m.. The compressed package, there are 27 resumes, is the koala bus project was cut after the merger of the business, must say goodbye to the staff.

a little earlier, this is known as colleagues, Bo Ye, the 27 year old head of human resources, in the Internet circle of several HR WeChat group, to share the compression package, I hope they can accept them.

"they are very good, there is a strong fighting force, I hope you are gentle with each one takes what he needs." Liu Bo said in the WeChat group.

sudden change came in September 8, 2015, Tuesday, at noon. Liu Bo saw koala bus CEO Aman Chang quietly standing in the office of the innovation workshop. At that time the sun came out of the window, Liu Bo saw Aman Chang body trembling, he had an ominous feeling. Then he saw the height of 175CM female CEO turned more than and 50 yellow and white through the station, out of the field of vision.

time back to late July. In March this year, the creation of Koala bus, in the shadow of the rapid development of drops and other giants. But with the stock market shock, the capital market ushered in a cold winter, the major investment institutions into panic, Aman Chang first time to feel the real crisis.

Aman Chang’s forehead some Hsu Chi. In 2009, Aman Chang joined the Innovation workshop, as a product assistant in the training of Li Kaifu. In early 2015, the price of the Beijing subway, but the ride did not improve any experience, Aman Chang saw the bus service business opportunities, the establishment of koala bus. Now her koala is coming to an end.

over the past two months, Aman Chang looked for all the investors can think of, but in the increasingly clear pattern of Internet travel market, no investors dare to sell. On the other side, drops backed by the country’s 52 investment institutions, such as a whale, quickly devoured the other segments of the competitors.

"by the end of August and early September, I was really desperate, when I was preparing for the worst, the best and the best." Aman Chang said in an interview with Lagou, I did not let small partners know these."


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