Wang Gongquan entrepreneurial suggestions what five things do not

[Reuters] before the date of the state power, billion state power network invited presided over by Pan Shiyi and Wang Gongquan as guests of the "Pan conference", the two chiefs of young entrepreneurs to give advice. Pictured: Pan will be on the scene (pictured: Pan Tan will live)

two years ago, on the network crazy spread of Wang Gongquan to entrepreneurs of the six recommendations, such inspirational chicken soup article, and the main content is mainly around the review and Reflection on entrepreneurship.

1 is not really walking on the right way to start


many entrepreneurs because of investment projects and funds, due to psychological inertia will not find themselves on the wrong road, and then go on, the final result is a waste of time. You are the most early entrepreneurs in this time, don’t put their energy and financial resources, limited time and resources in a fundamentally not to the point of the dream.

so on the road to business, you need a serious review. The essence of entrepreneurship is a process of constant innovation, the innovation in, you can find problems early, and quickly make adjustments, this is able to defeat a magic weapon, rather than in one thing, stubborn to.

2 is not already or will soon form a combination of teams

really can go with you, in fact, is the direction of the matter, or the identity of the character, the ability to identify people, so that we can go. It’s not how much we have today, but what we can do together and move forward together. If you are now the team is seriously incomplete, indicating that you have a serious problem of the enterprise, or the problem of the model, or the direction of the problem, or a person’s problem.

3 whether there is constant funding chain?

since you started the team started, in essence, you have at least 1/3 to 1/4 of the time to consider the company’s financial problems. Every penny does not come easy, so entrepreneurs should always stretch the string.

4 is clear you want to stick to the bottom line?

do not do illegal things, things do not bribe, collusion to do things, to leave behind what officials interests to do things, things do not tax evasion. Early entrepreneurs to tell yourself, write down a few things that do not insist on not only stick to their own, and told the team that these are not doing.

5 are you happy at work and in life?

because things like to do at all costs. If at such a young time is not a happy, not love things begin to ruin youth, it is not worthwhile. It must constantly look at yourself, now do, now walk the road of the current working state is not really as a way of life, a work, a pursuit of a way to go, I was happy. Otherwise, in four or five years, at the age of forty or fifty, will be issued

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