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[Abstract] before Shanda literature CEO Hou Xiaoqiang announced today to start again, the new project called poison".



technology news (Le Tian) before the May 19th news, Shanda literature CEO Hou Xiaoqiang (micro-blog) today announced the start again, new project called "poison", Hou Xiaoqiang also talked about entrepreneurship and the story, said than Ma Yun (micro-blog) good luck, the first time to see the angel godfather.

this meeting was not a pleasant experience. Hou Xiaoqiang said, "the godfather" temper is bad, just sit down, which is described in one sentence what you want to do.

he said "I know you at sina and Shanda literature has been successful, can you be 40 years old, you can’t squeeze and 90 can smoothly through the single plank bridge in entrepreneurship."

Hou Xiaoqiang also said, he may need is a Jinshan, not a person who may find jinshan. We have since lost contact with the part."

this venture, Hou Xiaoqiang took the original in the grand literature and Sina ‘s business together. Hou Xiaoqiang said that the entrepreneurial process, all the time feel lonely and helpless.

"I see a lot of business books, but they It doesn’t help the situation. Like a child, you read a lot of guidelines, but also to bear the pain alone."

but in a year after the start of the day, Hou Xiaoqiang with his product – an independent evaluation of the sharing platform – poison return, and then hit the literary van. Hou Xiaoqiang said, "come to me tonight. And I’m going to a date that doesn’t exist."

it is reported that Hou Xiaoqiang was a grand literary CEO, however, the grand literature hit in 2013, the beginning of the year starting point of literary unrest, to the end of the year Hou Xiaoqiang left, eventually merged into Tencent Shanda literature literature form a new literary group.

at that time, Hou Xiaoqiang left the external reason is that poor physical condition, Chen Tianqiao had proposed to let it continue to rest half a year to see the effect, but still choose to leave the job of Hou Xiaoqiang.

, according to informed sources, Hou Xiaoqiang is sidelined in the grand literature and also mentally and physically exhausted eventually leaving.

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in December 2013, when I was with an injury, left to fight for nearly six years after the grand literature, I thought I could stay away from the river, live an easy life.

I think I can travel the world, doing volunteer work in a bookstore, asleep, let the white sun shine on me. The wind in the valley, the stars after the snow, the fishing boats in the sea, and the strangers.

I left with nothing whatsoever to a dream horse, darkness, warm wind blowing.

knee dedicated to 90

I turn off the mobile phone, all removed from the bookstore. Often a bubble day. I >

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