Xu Xiaoping investment companies just look at people staring at entrepreneurs see until he scared

Abstract: between people and things, we only look at people – entrepreneurs. People are more important than business models, people are more important than the size of the market.

date, Zhenge fund has invested in 296 projects, accounting for 75% of the 36% Angel round of investment, the project entered the next round of financing, the company had 5.7% "C wheel die" threshold, which also contains the 2 Unicorn enterprises.

in the field of Internet banking, it real fund to invest a lot of cases, the Senate voted company has the skill point of financial, securities, De, tiger at Amoy pawnshop, order treasure, PosPal silver leopard cashier system, fire currency network, duo Bao, buy single man, venture capital circles etc..

in October 29th, the letter advised fortune 2016 global private asset allocation of stock investment forum, well-known angel investors, fund it real founder Xu Xiaoping details his is how to choose investment projects, this paper according to Xu Xiaoping’s statement finishing.

Consumer Finance Companies to buy the founder of Dan Dan Dan, was originally a vice president of Sequoia Capital, I told him a long time ago: "I will give you your money." I don’t even know what he’s gonna do.

Shen Napeng is a good friend of mine, but I’m not afraid to offend him in order to support him. I secretly invested Hu Dan, prompting Shen Napeng bate, I told him that the next time your people I will still support entrepreneurship, because, for Sequoia excellent company, and looking for real good people.

de and Liu Yanfeng CEO at Stanford University, graduated from MBA, have investment banking and investment fund Orbis North American headquarters work in CICC, looks very handsome, Robin Li called the "Meitu Xiu Xiu" version, but I dare not tell him the same speech.

he has been looking for me to invest in the past three or four years, he looked for me for the five or six time, for the business model of the seven or eight, but I have not promised. Because of the lack of a good connection between the things he wants to do before and done, only this point is the fulcrum of entrepreneurs to move the earth.

until one day, Liu Yanfeng said I want to do is what I want to do before I go abroad, and now my classmates are doing this, I guess he decided to invest. But then he is still in transition, but the direction is not bad.

ofo founder Dai Wei was the president of the student union of Peking University, he did not venture, I often ask them to come to my family to chat, we have a very good relationship. Later the ofo project, I want to throw two points, he gave me a little. So investors to entrepreneurs, the surface is to contact the feelings, in fact, pull business.

jumei.com is our cast Star project, launched in 2009, listed in 2014, rising very fast. But Chen Ou was looking for investors when repeatedly rebuffed, a lot of people say that his model is wrong, but I didn’t understand him, I said great, you don’t go to school on Standford

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