Starting a business is the best way to destroy a child

Abstract: most of us are not geniuses, don’t be fooled by the legends of the successful people, those are the main packaging, not packaging, it is genius. If you are a genius, you have already been successful, rather than depending on how others succeed to imitate.

these days, but the business circle is "magic fire department" down the altar event.

a year ago, the magic department or chunfengmanmian, a 17 year old school girl, get 15 million of the financing.

what a topic, story.

let people feel that the world is in the hands of these young and ignorant child.


Baidu now.

official website can not open.

encyclopedia does not exist.

even CEO Wang Kaixin was also deleted.

is empty.

can say that the company has disappeared in the world.

was originally a little girl, an inadvertent discovery through the QQ space to sell a personalized product for peers, earning tens of thousands of pieces, they decided not to do business after reading 95 electricity supplier.

business model is… You can’t guess.

through Taobao to purchase their own electronic business platform, in turn sold to their users.

in this mature business people seriously think funny model, actually ran up, but also into the tens of millions of funds.

normal people think that a mature business model, is bound to have their own advantages and barriers, that is how to attack and defense. In the 17 year old girl’s business model, there is no possibility of defense.

in my opinion, the reason why she was successful in the early days, just because of the crowd after 95, business information is blocked, not applicable to Taobao, or who will choose a more expensive goods. This part of the difference, earned this platform for their own age of additional charm value.

In addition to

, there is no advantage.

had been able to continue to do her little deal, but the intervention of capital, everything changed.

look at a series of events.

in the QQ space to sell things to earn money

dropout entrepreneurship

2016 on the program to become an entrepreneurial star

program on the sentence: I let you earn enough money after 95, so she took a $15 million financing

moved into the luxury office

assistant (is exhausted, is really dead)

be >

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