How to make an operation plan from media to media

Internet era, everyone can do from the media.

but can do, there must be very few, any industry follow the 28 law, there will never be a carnival of the people.

once a friend asked me: "you have done so many websites, why don’t you leave one for yourself?"

my answer is: "giant monopoly of the Internet era, personal Adsense doomed to withdraw from the stage of history, rather than struggling in the gap, it is better to hold a thigh, using giant platforms and resources."."

(want to put the above "holding thighs" deleted, and then use a tall and elegant sentence, called: standing on the shoulders of giants, ha ha.


that’s the first thing I want to say:

1, the choice of media operating platform

Which platform does

choose to run its own media,


has a trick: take five friends from different industries and open the phone to see what APP is installed. On my personal observation, generally will install QQ, WeChat, QQ space, Taobao, micro-blog, and now the mobile Internet era has been opened, we must choose a user

is most accessible to our platform, and the platform has a large user base.

WeChat has a public platform and circle of friends, QQ has QQ space, simply talk about the characteristics of these two platforms.


public platform at first really good, can push the information to the user’s mobile phone, then the point of compulsory reading taste, but since the WeChat 5 came out, the public number is folded, the message push this advantage has been greatly weakened. In addition, WeChat public platform is a very closed environment, readers in addition to reading the article, can not see other news, is not conducive to interaction between readers, and the public platform has no client, unfavorable communication with readers.


circle of friends is a semi closed circle of acquaintances, is now a lot of people the main marketing positions, the advantages of the circle of friends is to read the information reproduced amount is relatively high, the disadvantage is not carrying too much information, representation of information is also very simple.

QQ can be said to be a platform for enduring, has a huge user, and the user viscosity is very high. The disadvantage is that the user groups are generally relatively young, reprint volume success here all chicken soup is particularly high, especially multi marketing no..

in QQ space

information is basically transparent, praise, comment, forwarding, reprint and other information at a glance, unlike WeChat public platform, obviously not a few subscribers, but dare to readers that their article hundreds of thousands of reading.

Taobao platform less contact, not to say, micro-blog is declining, also do not say.

my choice is QQ space, easy to communicate with readers, interactive interaction between readers, reprint, share, communication simple.


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