After the storm or why so arrogant shared the first entrepreneurial experience

started business for the first time, I chose e-commerce. Six months to create monthly turnover of 100 thousand of the wholesale network (in fact, less than 5000 yuan profit, because the manufacturers order goods, mainly in quantity), why abandon net from reality?. After twists and turns, why have re arranged wholesale network?. Wholesale networks aren’t doing very well today. Than before, the monthly turnover is not much, even worse than before. Why are you so stuck this time?. The "arrogant" heart why didn’t reduce.

all this time to share with you is simply to communicate and share, and to ease the pressure. Bedside of the "100 million clothing mall, the top ten e-commerce," the PS combination of images have been hanging out for two years. Now, for me, it’s not a picture that was made for entertainment at the time. It is a kind of spirit for me, my character is "arrogant"

(why quotation marks are young because I always hate hate the nadir, shallow sea. But I always have nothing to do with reality. Every time I hit, I get up quickly and never flinched. Although somewhat convergent. But the arrogant heart strength never fall over temperature and over


hundred million clothing mall pioneering six months of success, I believe a lot of friends have seen. Did not see, you can go to Baidu search, you can also go to my blog to see, it was just before starting, feel a little achievement when writing. With a bit of bragging, the basic content is still true,

in the 09 half of the year’s business has been good, but is too tired to · the shortage of funds, do you know the distribution, the high cost of inventory needs a stable supply, almost all funds in the above to turn, no two master told me what advice has been hard, but my heart that day was very compact, especially what my thoughts are a contemptuous disregard. Give us a lot of pressure, the 20 year old is still not mature, I am a person proud to bring you is the pressure. The company (not registered business license) also appeared a few months did not pay embarrassed shape, everybody did not say what, but I knew the reality or the reality. You have to be responsible to everyone for giving you your youth. Not everyone has no worries, there is a university student out of the countryside, before it is online understanding, learning is e-commerce professional. The family is rural, just graduated from my wholesale network, with entrepreneurship. The family pointed to him after graduation to earn money and lighten the burden for the family. In the face of the company’s capital flows are in the supply of goods, no business license, also can not bring money, borrow money can not borrow much. Want to buy goods truck also do not smoke. In addition to premature love, the girlfriend’s family is urging marriage. I was under great pressure, but I didn’t want to back down. Decided to stick it out. Maybe it will be sunny.


plan changes, 09 years of the anti anti seal a lot of garbage station, billion clothing forum data was confiscated. It’s a bit of a move

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