Domain name investment experience invest domain name than website to make money


domain name investment in many webmaster eyes may not think rich way, certainly not the domain name investment investment domain name website make money, don’t want to make money, these ideas will let the webmaster batch of domain name investment confidence, the investment domain to make money is a dream, but I have a different idea, do a website to make money make money than the investment domain difficult, why? Many webmasters may hit the egg in the following.

, let me analyze why (the following is my personal opinion, irrelevant to ADMIN5)

1. is the resource needed for the station: domain name, space, manpower, energy,

: domain name registration fee is not to say, that is just a basic requirement, said here is easy to remember domain name and domain name domain name length, we can think of some web portals, their domain names have the knowledge, for example, I recently registered the domain name for Lichuan harbor, Lichuan post is the local post encoding, encoding 344600 and I choose the domain name is (not site) such cooperation will be a lot of repeat customers and publicity will give you save a lot of things added to you.

space: space charge is the most basic conditions, the actual learning space, of course, if you are an independent server, your IP is also a key, the search engine company is IP blacklist, if your space which has a website cheating or improper content, you will be implicated space, speed, not the normal access time, some space is not stable, at night speed, you have to pay attention to, want to quickly get traffic and included the number of ranking is very important.

: domain name investment human human input is relatively small, but do you have to stop this go big, many webmaster personal economic Limited is guanggansiling or with his girlfriend and brother together, so do the actual site for the impact is very large, the quality of manpower and website is proportional to, I believe we all know.

: a human energy is not enough, but also a webmaster brain, no head of the webmaster best give up as early as possible, go back to find a stable job, think highly of the domain name investment ideas, you must follow the current go, today a pornographic, tomorrow a swine flu, time timing comparison high.

is the webmaster and write these and according to their own advantages, adjust, and do not the most profitable, do not they come to naught, their work is toil and there is no return, toil, cheap toil, of course, do the best friend of the domain name investment also cautious, the sell to sell, the throw on the throw, the renewal must not renew, of course, if you feel the flow can also be a simple website, hang GOOGLE, I have a domain name, IP is not particularly large, day 100, income estimates you don’t know, hey, 1 months a check for GOOGLE and don’t believe? I tell you, my domain name is not generally.

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