About electricity supplier pricing some things preference is the biggest problem

this article does not discuss promotions, discounts, and how to attract consumers through price changes, but rather on the nature of partial pricing.





online shopping has become increasingly common, people who can buy online generally have a certain level of knowledge, electricity providers should study these people’s characteristics and psychology. I put online shopping these people are divided into three categories: cheap, easy to figure, find personality. These three types of people are not the same mentality, the characteristics are very different, the commodity is expected to be different.

, but today I do not discuss the characteristics of these three groups of people, but discuss the most critical issues in the electricity supplier, but also these three types of people are concerned about the problem: commodity prices. Today, we don’t discuss how to promote sales, how to discount, and how to attract consumers through price changes. Those too many technical methods, different industries are different, but discuss the problem of pricing essence. Pricing is a very academic matter, and there are several professional books on it. It’s too few moye operation dozens of customers according to their own understanding and experience about sharing, certainly not professional, but I believe we have a reference on a brand new electricity supplier or new product pricing.

partial partial theory, the latter part has the example analysis.

1 target customers determine product pricing and quality

"preference is the biggest problem."." Osho –

when I first read this sentence, I didn’t understand what it meant, but when I studied it a few times, I suddenly started thinking a lot. Some people are shopping for demand, but most shopping is a desire. Buyers of individuality, because of their preferences, are a key factor in pricing in niche markets.

now sellers are complaining about the price of electricity providers transparent, difficult to shop, brand homogenization, strong competition. Such complaints sellers ignore the "target customers" preference, price transparency is just because the same picture, similar products, service the same function, if this is not your goal, customer orientation is different. Target customers want reasonable, to analyze their preferences and psychology, combining these to create differentiated pictures, personalized services, according to the functional requirements of the analysis of target customers love the price range to complete pricing.

apple is a great company, products focus on the customer experience and interactive design, NOKIA is a great company, and its products focus on the practical function of durability, its hardware cost, is not more than doubled, but the target customer let them the price difference is very obvious.

"McDonald’s" and other well-known fast-food have launched a premium lunch and dinner, per capita consumption can be controlled in less than 20 yuan, but the same is fast in the field of "Pizza Hut" commercial packages lowest price is 39 yuan, every noon we went to some of the consumer is set "

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