Grassroots webmaster quickly start want to think so

ashamed, ashamed, I’m a rookie, absolutely no intention of pointing to you here. As a grass root for a year, the income is roughly as follows:

07/07 – 07/12 0~~~~~~~

that time has been learning, learning domain name server SEO template update keywords ~ GGad alliance once impoverished to either rely on friends ah ~ ~ I believe a lot of friends cannot bear to think of the past is so over ~ ~ + + Learning + social confusion persist…

08/01 – 08/04 50 or so, ~~~~~~~

Everybody knows

GGad less than $100 to get the money, here is the average number of ~ ~ ~ ~ after months of struggling to adhere to pull the flow to do connection irrigation from 500 ~~~ip waves, the minimum is more than 100 of the maximum more than 2000 depending on the update and propaganda ~ ~ ~ this is not what experience, ~~

we all know the process

08/05 – 08/07 quick glance to July income is now 100D ~ ~ ~ ~ some of my friends said that I considered this fast, to tell the truth I also rely on a large group of friends in the group with the help of a step-by-step climb over the site to do to make money, a friend is the greatest wealth


said so much, you still think I said is nonsense, I write a post, one of the purposes is to thank these good brothers: white, grass, wind edge, one is for the sake of nine out of ten, has just started and get ready to stay up hard to say: Grassroots brothers hold on and some experience, the key is to work hard! Let’s webmaster is the most capable!! although there are now what self-help program, what is the mass, even free of the LOGO language program SEO spider optimization optimization what after all these ads must be our own will! Even if we have fish for now, we can only learn to fish can eat! These shortcuts can be used as an auxiliary us step by step, to enhance our confidence in

!The grassroots

brothers, to believe that the dollar is our beginning, we have always difficult, I fear you would like to shout a chant: "come on! Confidence, persistence, learning!

will succeed!"

just made a little beauty station. Welcome to the link:

is such a small station, just half a month, there are a lot of traffic 500ip~~ after two days on the advertisement, we do


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