How to make a profit on garbage websites

many webmaster are worried about their station. Why is my station so low? Why do my stations earn so little? Because it’s obvious that you built garbage stations.

so what is a garbage station? There are 25 definitions and criteria for garbage collection on the internet. I do not think so, there is so serious, garbage station judgment criteria should be:

1, look at its link. There are too many links from dead links, links from factories to huge links (cross links), links to garbage stations, import links, and outbound links.

2, websites, programs, servers, and space problems, such as websites with 404 errors, databases, or PHP bugs.

3, web content repetition, a large number of plagiarism collection, rarely updated, no practical use of the site.

4, in violation of state regulations, propaganda national content ban website.

5, the website does not have a theme, what content is released. How do you build regular garbage sites? What do you rely on to get revenue from garbage sites? How do you make a profit on garbage sites?

first download a collection program, a large number of articles collected, loaded into the database. Then adjust the order of the article, and add the keyword that you want to highlight. You can generate a nice garbage station by uploading.

in order to obtain income, and profit is a bit more complicated. First of all, there must be traffic, how to get this? There are many ways:

1, relying on the flow of good sites do popups, including, to attract Baidu, GG included.

2, brush flow tools rely on brush flow, to attract Baidu, GG included.

3, QQ, forums, large sites for free information dissemination, dissemination of a large number of information publicity, increase external links to attract Baidu, GG included.

soon, the search engine included your spam site and brought huge traffic.

then uses the traffic to gain revenue, and the site makes more money. It’s not detailed here.

we all know, after all garbage is garbage, the search engine is usually 3 to 6 months, can recognize, the attendant is right down, K station, traffic is greatly reduced, how do natural income Yixieqianli,? This time to replace the domain name, and some increase in the number of collected articles, before the change add keywords, come again. This cycle goes round and round. .

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