Learn from the small fish in Xiamen to build a natural and harmonious community environment

The original

Internet is virtual, you can not see me, I can’t see you, not each a complete and clear appearance, can only dream of other screen appearance, beautiful and generous, and may be refined and cultured may be handsome, dark and sedate youth may, in a word, the Internet is full of magic, virtual illusion, but also the lack of human. However, Xiamen fish community http://s.bbs.xmfish.com/, is presented to the user, a life of the mutual aid community platform.

Xiamen fish community was established in early 2003 to provide the Xiamen people with an online exchange platform for life information. The community in mutual assistance for the purpose, get the enthusiastic support of friends in Xiamen, quickly gathered popularity. To date, there have been more than 350 thousand members, the average daily amount of post reached more than 60000, "caring, sharing, cooperation and exchange" community slogan deeply influenced a generation of young Internet users in Xiamen. What are the characteristics of the small fish community today? What are the characteristics of it?

1 rich local life information, to create a natural flavor of life.

in the fish community network, no fancy web page layout, no advanced web technology, there is only simple breath of life. Many urban community forum, information is a section of the most lively, the island life, telling the story of a netizen in Xiamen on the island of life what one sees and hears. In this life, users can talk broke the news information, feeling and so on, anyway, here is the netizen’s spiritual home, not in the next door neighbours upstairs downstairs, but live in the people on the island, breathing the same air, enjoying the same sky. The user to find the spiritual home in the community, like a fish, swim around the island. After many years of operation, the small fish community has become an online spiritual home for most of the people of Xiamen. Here, we can find common friends, share the same news, talk about the same event.

local forum in the early stage is to pay attention to guidance, managers want to build the community into what kind of environment, guidance is critical. It is believed that the management of small fish also took great effort to create today’s achievements. Once the characteristics of the community have been fixed, it will be difficult to change. At the same time, it will begin to develop by leaps and bounds. The difficulties in the early stage of the community may be reflected here.

2 material, build environmental protection and energy saving of the secondary market.

has been to Xiamen friends should know that Xiamen is surrounded by the sea, fresh air, beautiful scenery, is a very pleasant city. The fish community set up its forum, do not know whether it is in the guide Xiamen environmental protection and energy saving habits? Make the number of community forum posting daily nearly ten thousand posts, the user can sell their unwanted second-hand goods here, also can buy the required products in low price here. From mobile phones, home appliances, beds, gifts to tickets, antiques, mountain bikes, etc., almost everything can be transferred here. There is a buyer’s market and naturally there is a seller’s market

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