How should the local forum closely fit the city consumer life

today and share the successful experience of Kazakhstan network in operation of local website, and how to build their own local city forum of business planning, network marketing, brand packaging and other owners are most concerned about the topic.

talk about Kazakhstan network business planning model

focuses on how to build a new local network media chain business planning and operation model. A lot of local station due to its technical background, so the advertising media lack of understanding, leading to not know how to guide the user, do not know how to meet the needs of advertisers, is an important reason for now standing development limited. Second points, many webmaster and I often say, this procedure, how to comment on the program came out, or PW and DZ how to choose, I give advice is usually, these are not the core, first do the content. No matter what program you choose, if you choose to be a media, you have to have a media.

talk about Kazakhstan network marketing mode of


community is very good, low cost to enter a city the good way, has a strong interaction, the construction of the advantages of low cost, after all, DZ and PW such a good provider in the community for the majority of owners to provide technical support services. But there are also many problems in the community, such as efficiency issues, and as a local website, how to improve the efficiency of content display becomes the most important. After all the users share is to be recognized, but if I just send the article, the sink, he is willing to share? In Kazakhstan network during the trial operation shows recommended to read the contents of the views is very high, so we do a lot of peripheral channels, the content of all extracted. And for processing, the convenience of users browsing experience.

talk about Kazakhstan network brand packaging mode

"brand packaging" to be extended around the core concept of the brand of different angles, "packaging" not only refers to the site put on the coat, but in contact with the users of the site of station information, the personality features of the site, the behavior in various carrier form shaping and promotion. For example, we all Kazakhstan network first activities and local television cooperation promotion can let users feel very deep brand culture, to let people have to be proud of. To form a system of shaping the network brand complete kazakhstan.

* five key points to determine success *


team composed of both technical talent and media personnel, so the process of Kazakhstan network media is very fast, but also directly promote our cost recovery and profit.

2, positioning and value orientation is very clear, the bulk of consumer is 25-45 year old local people, sharing consumer experience, consumer experience, so as to guide the consumer, merchant bargaining ability and the influence of the site by.

3, we do not involve specific transaction links, we play more media and platform role

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