Mou Changqing talk about the importance of traffic statistics security

The security of traffic statistics on the

site is very important for a web site, and most websites are very confidential about their traffic data. Especially some large web sites is more important, in some large sites, ordinary employees not to look at the company’s website traffic statistics, only in charge of technology or part of company executives can know, because the flow of data but leaked out, it is easy to cause the negative influence of website. But as the site of the promotion personnel, must apply to the company for permission to view statistics, in my previous company, are able to see the Statistics website, if this doesn’t look, this promotion will not need to do.

I’m writing this article today because I’ve seen the traffic statistics of a website by accident. Statistics with 51LA friends should know, 51LA has a website TOP list, appeared in the TOP list of sites, are publicly or partially disclosed the flow statistics website. Because the traffic data analysis website, I do help to improve the promotion of the idea, so I also often go to the 51LA TOP list to see some website public traffic data, see other website traffic is how to observe each other, is a generalization of what to do, to see their own can do such promotion.

prior to share with you an article, "from a site real traffic sources, and then look at the navigation station traffic" inside the site statistics, that is where it was found. Before, there, but also seen the 39 Health Network Home statistics, let me first understand the traffic flow at the time of the navigation station.

, let’s talk about today’s topic, the importance of web traffic statistics.

was there to find another site traffic statistics, but also completely open kind (part of the public value can see the total amount of traffic, fully open, but also see the specific flow antecedents). Because 51LA statistics, registration is traffic, data is default, completely open, do not know if this is not a BUG, or 51LA people deliberately. Many people who do not use statistics for the first time, only to register when the site put a statistical monitoring code, did not pay attention to the site’s views, permissions are fully open. Most of the staff on this site have made such mistakes. If the data of a small website were exposed, I wouldn’t say it today, but this site is a ALEXA ranked more than 1000 industry website, and their source of revenue is mainly by selling brand advertising.

at that time through statistics found that the site’s IP dozens of W per day, by looking at the site’s traffic antecedents, found that more than half of the traffic comes from popups or some novel sites. Pop traffic in the statistics show that are direct input, the general situation can not be directly identified as popups, but the site statistics can see the conversion rate. This site is 30WIP per day, of which the direct input traffic is more than 20 W. But PV is only 40, a few W. A knowledgeable friend saw this data, knew the water inside it, only play >

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