Women become online shopping protagonist innovation model to help women website development

online shopping boom has become the biggest bright spot in 2009 the retail sector, because online shopping are convenience and entertainment and shopping habits of women with high similarity, women love shopping habits continued in the network, female users gradually become active people online shopping. In 2008, women accounted for 50.8% of the proportion of online shopping users; in 2009 this ratio increased to 61.5%, significantly higher than men. Data will continue to grow further in 2010, and female customers have become the main force of online shopping. According to CNNIC data show that in the first half of 2009, the total amount of online shopping consumption amounted to 119 billion 520 million yuan, the total net purchase is expected to reach about 250 billion yuan. At the same time, China’s online shopping users also showed sustained growth. At present, China’s online shopping users reached 87 million 880 thousand, an increase of 38.9%. In the continuing growth of the market space, who takes the lead, who will win the hope of the future.

female online shopping growth stimulated businesses to explore women’s online shopping market

female online shopping users increased, immediately led to cosmetics, clothing, household goods and other products popular. Many businesses start to study the female online shopping market potential, and strive to seize market opportunities, such as men’s shirts Eslite started this year launched a variety of standardized dress. Many online shopping platform because of positioning in the female fashion shopping and the rapid rise to become online shopping in the dark horse.

professional women online shopping limitations promote vertical female website development and rapid growth of

professional women online shopping platform is the biggest limitation is the user experience, female customers not only pay attention to get the fashion shopping information, but also want to experience the shopping process and experience sharing, and online shopping platform based on the characteristics of obvious in user experience than traditional stores to try trial. While women online shopping consumer demand is growing rapidly, and has become a prominent increase of fashionable life and information about desire, fashion, life, shopping, women exchange information content by more and more female users. This will promote the China fashion and women network media value continued rapid growth, female network media coverage over 64 million users, vertical fashion women website user coverage over 12 million weeks, leading vertical fashion media week users over 5 million weeks, page views over 260 million weeks, user time spent over 1 million 400 thousand hours. According to CR-Nielsen’s survey, 09 years, China’s fashion and women’s Internet media has maintained rapid growth, of which vertical fashion media users and marketing value growth is very obvious.

The main audience of

fashion female online media is 18-29 year old young women, and most of them have online shopping experience. They dress makeup, beauty, health care, emotional feelings, marriage, parenting and other aspects of information demand; while browsing the information at the same time, will also drive the demand for online shopping related. Therefore, the development of B2C vertical female website is also related to female online shopping

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