What are the key elements in the success of a successful single page design

, adhere to the "sales oriented" as the general principle,

"single page sales" is composed of "single page" and "selling" two words, focus on "sales" two words, this tells us that in the design and production of a single page, must be based on the sales oriented, all for the purpose of sale service, single page sales can improve and promote products sales. Therefore, when the enterprise is making a single page, the technical department should draw materials from the sales department, and make it as the main point of the sales department so as to make it close to and satisfy the needs of the sales department.

in addition, a single page in the design process, to be concise presentation of the product, so that customers in the single page interface when the first glance to see the product and can attract the attention of customers, so that customers pay more attention to the product, and have a strong desire to possess, and guide the consumer, so that the purpose of single page sales at.

two, with reverse thinking as the design principle,

as you all know, the core concept of single page sales is to understand and analyze the thoughts and thoughts of potential customers, and guide customers to consume. So the single page design should be based on this idea, so how to achieve this? This requires empathy, that is to say, to put yourself into the imaginary potential consumers, see yourself in a single page which can produce the desire to purchase only the precise analysis of target customers, to create conducive to the promotion of the sales growth of a single page.

mobile phone design as a single page, the text description should emphasize its "function", "professional", "good customer service service, such as mobile phone can be fried, can play the popular online games, description of functionality, can be rendered by a thick and heavy in colours; some technical parameters for writing consumers showed a strong professional products; customer service service is also a very important aspect, is also an important part of electronic products can be a single page, through the study of product life cycle, a consumer confidence is conducive to improve the sales performance of the customer service service commitment, let you buy the rest assured.

three, single page flexible use of traditional sales strategy

First, can be combined with the actual situation of

products, the discount promotions (note the false high price, this is not) in recent years the industry widely used strategy, because it is easier to attract the attention of customers.

second, mark prices as far as possible to avoid integer or 10 multiples, marked 199 and 200 of the difference is great, this can draw on the current supermarket or some sites on the price.

third, customer weakness stimulation, through some bold or enlarge the font, exaggerated picture, to stimulate customer’s weakness, pain does not change the shape, combined with the change of the product before and after use for visual comparison, can have a strong visual impact, so as to stimulate customers to buy the product. For example, publicity weight loss drugs, you must let customers consider themselves obese is painful, it will affect your health, affect people, lose a lot of work

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