The micro blog era everyone protagonist SNS website or into the limbo

2009, a "steal food" game popular on both sides of the Changjiang River instant jump red network, and swept the lives of Internet users, millions of urban white-collar workers to become "the main force to steal food" in the team, every day in the "stealing" and "proof" in this way, it can be said that in 2009, not logged on happy net, never tried stealing food, then you are a hundred-percent "Altman in the network society". All of this, but also a true portrayal of a web site at SNS.

but as it appears red came very suddenly, seems to have been so overnight, blog, steal food has become the fashion, you will be interested in uniform to transfer to micro-blog this new media.

"micro-blog", that is, micro blogging. Simply put, the user simply hits one or two words (within 140 words) on micro-blog’s Web site and tells your friends what you’re doing or how you feel about it. This is a new type of communication, which is different from email and online chatting. People who see your micro-blog don’t have to answer, they just have to take a look at it. If you’re interested, you can respond briefly to your exact words. Compared with micro-blog, the existing blog seems to be too law-abiding, each post must have the theme and content for the busy modern people, writing a blog every day really embarrassing. And micro-blog does not have these troubles, simple, casual or even casual. It has been sought after by more and more bloggers, and has become the most fashionable lifestyle for young people on the Internet today.

"the subway in the morning was dead."." "What will you have tonight?"……" Like general a little nagging and even automatic speaking a word or two, is the most common content on micro-blog. In the Internet age, I believe that the communication between many people and good friends is mainly based on the internet. Go to work every day, say hello on QQ or MSN, it’s very convenient to talk or send an e-mail when you are bored. But both chat and email have a certain theme and purpose. You send them and usually respond to each other. And micro-blog is different, more arbitrary, at any time you can hit a sentence, the current feelings and ideas to express, do not need to wait for someone else’s reply. Even if you don’t reply, you can know your current situation through your micro-blog. For friends who do not often meet, through the micro-blog can understand each other’s life situation, meet when not because of long time no communication and unfamiliar.

As for the

was abnormal hot SNS website has been no small impact, from Beijing diyuanxin (the original "million Swiss data") the launch of the micro-blog report shows that micro-blog has 80% users in SNS users, the 51% micro-blog users admitted to reduce the use of SNS, but also in micro-blog under the impact of the 360 circle announced the closure of operations, then the ant network also announced due to the shortage of capital chain had to stop the DNS, not only that, together with the net, eFriendsNet, 100 million net and other small SNS>

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