Tell me about the benefits of adaptive advertising in Google Adsense

in the use of the response type theme, many webmaster friends began to upset the tablet computer terminal, mobile phone advertising alliance how to display? Don’t put it, it was a shining white flow in vain lost heart, do not worry! This time we have to say that Google’s vision and high-end Adsense, "adaptive advertising" it is a good solution to the problem, with the trend of adaptive response is the theme of the development of the multi. Well, let me talk about the advantages of adaptive advertising.

first: friendly to play the role of supplementary page

my home page on the site in the list page in the sidebar and did not add adaptive advertising, side bar at the bottom always feel absolutely empty, always trying to use the other list to add, but think to have used?! as shown below:


at this time, adaptive advertising will play his role, and after adding adaptive advertising, the code will be based on the size of the page vacancy to supplement, so that the whole page opens, feeling very full. As follows:


second: get the special display effect that other ad sizes can not produce at ordinary times

adaptive advertising according to the different needs of the play to the role of the myriads of changes, set the generated renderings of some of the usual size that cannot be obtained by other advertising, advertising for the more attractive, so as to arouse the reader’s curiosity click. The effect is shown below:


you can design your own more consistent colors according to the color and style of the website, so that the ads fill your sidebar content.

third: different effects can be displayed according to different terminals

adaptive advertising is the most powerful place third points, with the mobile terminal (tablet, mobile) continues to spread, people are increasingly addicted to the mobile Internet era, until the birth of bow family. Stationmaster people see the flow of mobile terminal is bigger and bigger, but helplessly cannot realize, can be anxious really dead. At the same time, I have to admire the foresight of Google, of course, I do not blame the domestic spirit of shanzhai. Next, I show the main three terminal (PC, PAD, PHONE) renderings using a set of renderings,


[computer side effect diagram]


[small size Tablet PC renderings]


[mobile terminal renderings]

fourth: handheld terminal display rate increased, a single advertising unit price of

There’s a rule for

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