Rookie station little record

Adsense nets a few days, every day only to see the experience of teachers also learn a lot, in June this year also opened a small, pure personal hobby, according to some experience of teachers, in the domain name registration before the search search is prepared to have a domain name registration record, in order to it is necessary to prevent or avoid the K domain name is Baidu search first, before being registered the domain name after June 2nd registered domain name, June 3rd filing is successful, then in their own machine debugging the program, to June 6th is a memorable log, it’s my son two years old of course, birthday, that night I just uploaded to the space program, after confirming the DNS can normal visit, I was in the evening to the search engine submission name (hey, Is it a bit anxious to do the first station, even without the content?)

unexpected things happened, the second day space can not even access to the afternoon before the normal visit, 7 day I began to add content to the station started, no acquisition, of course I will not only their own collection, manual and daily articles, to sort out some useful things on it every day, don’t know is is original, no copy of the entire article, the title on the Internet may have repeated, but the content is set me up East West and up, continuously adhere to a half a month, I didn’t do what connection, nor would I connect with the webmaster, after all, I was new sites, included PR. Only slowly to adhere to the article, the morning of June 24th, I found that Baidu had included 20 records, Google 30 records, YAHOO has 40 records, it seems more than half a month of three included in the search, I think we should try harder, a few days ago I also put up a statistics, found that Baidu every day brings more than 10 useful IP to July 2nd found that Baidu has included my station has more than 170 records, Baidu more than 30 IP, YAHOO and Google included increased, but still did not bring IP, perhaps is our domestic Baidu more users, but Google and YAHOO pay more attention to the PR, so no IP but, I still feel that as long as you can keep your update, the search engine or included our station.

himself only try hard to do it again, do not put him as a career, amateur have time to play, or good, less reading, writing chaos, I hope you understand, I hope we can insist on doing a good job! Happy


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