Novice website included graphic visual reports and 7 Summary

as a web site novice, for the site of the collection do not understand, in fact, you can rest assured to tell you, as long as there is a certain content, not too much,

normal will be included, so we have to adhere to and full of confidence!


below is my latest collection of two of the site carried out a comparison, and share with you, I hope you have included in the intuitive understanding of the




(from bottom to top view) is a code of Xiaonei I built 5.29 stations, from the table we can directly see the baidu niche for the is not very diligent, the first day of the first to take a look at the Capitol, every two or three days, crawling very few, it is not how to love the MM;

compared to foreigners GG first to take a take all, it seems that cultural differences also have a great impact on this, oh,

one, the site has no beginning of the chain, only in 365key, diglog submitted under the Admin5 sent a link, and the other did not how to do,


can finally relax grab included, so as long as the chain, plus a few good and a few pieces of original content, I opened a website is the website

diary, occasionally write a little, add originality,


again contrast, here are 5.18 to prepare a QQ character signature station ( this content will compare a little update on Wednesday has just come out, grab and above is similar, but the relative average, every day there is to go, perhaps it is for this reason, for the site 13 days to put out the fastest speed, personal ~


second personal opinion may be included to speed up, and know the network effect, the first content is submitted to Baidu collection and QQ collection, and in Baidu know hair two links ~ but it is not clear which is special or the role of practice need more people and summary can draw some conclusions!

below is a personal summary of the included

must have been trying to seduce spiders at first, especially

1. outside the chain, you can go to the weight of the relatively high station, released one or two links

2. group submitted, these weights are very high (commonly used,

) knows, Yahoo, knowledge hall, etc. can all be applied to

4. recommends using the web site’s tag feature to increase the internal page links

5. site map, remember to generate >

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