Work summary of website optimization worker for one year

I have been working in China information port for a year. On this day, I want to give you a year’s work experience to the webmaster, but also to give myself a summary of it, say bad, you do not mind.


as a novice when I first came to this unit, the company boss talked to me that this year is the focus of the work of re integration of the original SEO department, the establishment of a new network planning department, responsible for the company’s overall marketing and website optimization. This is for me a website to promote the novice, then there are two kinds of mood is a fresh feeling, also feel there is a kind of invisible pressure, because I am from the IDC department to optimize the planning department will contact with some of my friends said that this is a difficult optimization sometimes not pleasing. Especially for Baidu’s optimization is more elusive, because many webmaster know Baidu manual intervention is very powerful, no matter Baidu admit not sincere recognition, this is a fact. So at first I did it, and started a long process that I didn’t know.

in the Internet industry, IDC this one is more intense competition of, in this industry gathered a lot of good people, I dare say Chinese Internet development is so prosperous, with these people and hard work are inseparable, especially our webmaster they work long hours, no regular life is a homely food. At the beginning I was in line to see some of the so-called cheats results found a lot of things is not very suitable for some novice, now is to hold to today, I really appreciate the two one is had the passion of their own, one is to give myself a chance we Chinese information port manager Feng, at that time my approach is to use a lot of tools group such a group, then the result would not have said, the site was almost out, then began to make a fuss in the structure as a warning for the future, and content within the site, after a period of research I found the design style of div+css often has several benefits: a page is opened quickly, the other is the audit included in the search engine on time and update faster than previous table compared to a leap forward.

in the later work I gradually found a problem, is in the content as far as possible the more original things, maybe some comrades say you this way others already said, well said it is really very difficult, in fact, here I give you a little trick, when you do not know what you want write what, you may wish to Baidu to search the news in your industry news whether products or activities, when it is not Study hard I believe not half you can get started. In the second half of the day with the improvement in your situation, your work is gradually relaxed, it is often on the Admin5, listen to the old webmaster experience also let oneself after has a higher height, thanks again Admin5, thank you for the by long


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