Grassroots rich see P2P net loan finance small website Kuangzhuan

speaking of Internet banking, P2P net loan, you may hear and see through the media are all run away, all is not reliable, the time is not ripe, the media are good at reporting only bad, so as to attract the attention of everyone, in fact, clever webmaster already sees the opportunity in which muffled make a fortune.

first is the webmaster set up special "net loan finance navigation" this is the most simple and most direct, because Baidu does not make P2P net loan and non state-owned bank background and the background of VC advertising, resulting in more than 2 thousand P2P net loan platform no local advertising, so long as this kind of website can be advertisers to search, there are people who buy positions are available for a monthly quarterly sales.

The second is to imitate the

net loan home "," net loan eye "P2P net loan information portal, but also earned pours. But I found that most of them are built stations, a few stationmaster the same template site, different domain name, as long as the search engine, all for the full screen advertising, the flow of less than 50 a day, a place to sell 300-3000/ months, or 3 months to sell some. Just want money mad, but our nouveau riche to buy, because there is no place for ah, do not know the network.

this is that we are still misled by the media, they have earned full, screenshot shows:



net loan home advertising is the top of the first page of up to 30 in the month, why have so many people to engage in a large number of run away, so willing to spend money? Because the Internet finance is Chinese core competitiveness in the future, is the best way to solve Chinese SME financing, when any new things appear in the laws and regulations are not sure there are many loopholes, but does not mean the thing itself is not good, smart people to understand their own, and not the same as ordinary mass media is misleading. Even if the foot so much, the major groups, listed companies, state-owned enterprises, banks, securities companies, fund companies, VC and so on have entered, explain what you understand. The future of this industry is the world is no longer a nouveau riche, grassroots entrepreneurial era. 2015 is the first year of regulation and credit landing, if you are still waiting for Out.

There are many

the third party webmaster mode, the good points of the model including rice 360, fireball network, common vertical consultation and navigation station a lot, there are some similar with the electricity supplier shopping station, made part of the same stock financial information station. But small webmaster cannot do without the monthly advertising and CPS advertising model, the best course is to guide the contents of all station made of CPS, the accumulation of old customers.

this Commission will follow 51 rebate rebate network, these sites, at any time to make money.

Internet banking is included in the P2P net loan (finance, loans), public equity raise, the public and the public to raise some of the gold

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