Site need to step by step eight months website experience summary

contact the circle almost half a year many, now I have no courage to tell people I’m a webmaster. Because until now I don’t have a IP 5000 stand out. Step by step to today, too many personal experience, but because lack of execution and could not play. Today is here to write, is to give yourself a summary.

1: persistence is king

many just contact person, may be heard in the webmaster group this website to make more money. IP who website how many a day ip. will not tell myself to do the station, make up, remember not to delay the flow and give up, and to another site this kind of made in one or two. In two or three the station without a lot of big money.

two: don’t think you can make a big door, come out.

I remember when dz7.0 came out, often people in the DZ forum might know. Many people have established local forums and gateways. I have also made one. But now, think about it, regardless of the level of technology to analyze, he can do a good job, from experience and other aspects of analysis, we can do it?. No time to make a stand when thinking about the content in this area are all bigger, never go to the analysis I can do. Maybe language ability is not very good, I just want to say, I don’t want to just do the station door so much, just want to put him up to make money, so my door you have to go on power and reserve.

three: make proper positioning and set goals for yourself.

positioning: their understanding of that aspect, do that one aspect, or tune one aspect to do fine. For example, QQ non mainstream class station, a lot of people put a station to do a lot of columns. But in the end, basically this station does not flow and turn off. If we tune one of them, for example, QQ avatar, I only do something about him, so update or update, the content is around the QQ avatar. I think it is easy to do the keyword. Traffic will not worry.

goal: some people may say I do stand for their own preferences, I do not deny this, I also like it, but I think most people do stand is like to earn some money by him eight. But how many people make more than 3000 of the monthly income?. So we have to set a goal for ourselves. According to their strengths, to achieve their goals. I do not usually should often do this station the station will buy a lot of program data promotion tool, also bought a lot of forum vip. I tidied myself a forum or to buy their own program to do a demonstration, sold in the A5 program in the data. It can also earn money. In the past few days to sell the 30G program data tools tutorial sold a lot. Buy people get the benefits, they also get benefits. Why not?.

four: don’t think about your website, one day!

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