Sentiment blog management can no longer expect output ratio

is really busy with marketing these days. Besides the fixed items in hand, there is a lot of attention to the blog which is often added to it. Before wrote an article to his friends said they would be a week to write an article, teach some website building experience, but because of the busy work, so eat them. And a series of things let me continue to reflect the hands of the operation and status of some blog blog blog, the overall feeling really need to change.

still remember 08 years began to write a blog, blog that when operating heroic utterance, blog as a simple website form by many grassroots Adsense welcome, especially WP, rich plugin can achieve many of our needs, even novices can build a very cheap web site, so we started use the blog to write articles, do the chain, Taobao play money off and so on, but who knows this is a who see who love the site in the form of around 2012 days to westerly, the flow of people and attention decreased year by year, so that some of the blog’s ranking has not nearly half opened normally. So what’s the reason,


one, of course, is the impact of mobile platforms. Compared to the mobile platform, blog information transmission efficiency is very low, can not be effective and efficient information sent to the user, is not good in mobile ports, two disadvantages that blog lost the favor of the market.

second, although the content of blog produced high quality, but the pursuit of efficiency and cultural characteristics are not consistent, sometimes a week to update an article is to consider quality, but from the characteristics of nowadays pursuit of information, a Monday frequency can be said to be abandoned for users, but for most of the webmaster, basically can only do one day more frequency, this is a world of difference rate published for other information.

third, what a blog is not particularly good way to make money really, even Lu Songsong also rely on a blog, write some soft Wen and put up some advertising to profit, before my blog will do some Taobao customers link, and earn commission by selling, but must and your site’s theme, otherwise it will seriously damage the blog reading experience.

fourth, the current market has not a suitable development environment, that is to say whether developers or people’s attention to reading the blog every day as day, not enough positive development environment to let the blog also lost the vitality of the development.

is not the news blog is not only this time only, the prosperity of 12 years from the blog frequently fall right and social media, we can know that although the blog has many advantages, but we can say that now the blog really doesn’t have any existing significance? Obviously can not say, although blog not to the usual the owners have supreme significance, but it is not for us to fill it Nothing is right., absolutely not for product promotion and website construction let us ignore. The >

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