Talk about oneself 5 months do station experience how to improve the weight of the website

In May this year when

feel very boring, begin to do a website to download e-books, but I am a bit lazy, put a book forum data backup before the take over direct import, not much data is more than 700, what did not change (including website title, keywords, description etc.), import data, originally wanted to update their own posts, but it turned out to be a collector people made a break in time to visit the official website of DZ, I had to use every collection of hundreds of articles imported, and then went to submit URLs and in Baidu know question and answer questions (today, tomorrow to change the number of answer, general not deleted). It was pretty confusing. I didn’t think about it, SEO. But after 2 weeks, both GG and Baidu have been included, and it’s amazing to think about it now.

, but I didn’t collect it after it was collected. The main part of the crack was blocked. Had to manually update every day, this continues until now, the following combination of my website to say, my station every time modify the title, the keyword in the right of Baidu change

statement: "this is only my personal practice or some kind of coincidence result, please don’t try.".

phase 1: import data to Baidu after the first month of

during this period, the title of the website is

MP4 e-book download, |MP4 e-book download, |MP4 e-book download site, |MP4 e-book, |


keyword is the same as the description,

in Baidu search MP4 e-book download keywords first, the reason is very simple, no one search ha ha.

this also causes the website traffic not to go, also has caused me to change keywords the determination.


, I went to the Baidu index, looked at several keywords about e-books, and finally picked up the keyword

related to mobile books

quickly modified the title of the web site to

mobile phone | mobile phone e-book e-book download | free ebook download mobile phone |JAR Ebook Download ebook download e-book download


keyword, like the title, is described as:

mobile phone e-book is to provide professional mobile phone e-book download site, the site focused on the mobile phone to download e-books e-books, mobile phone, mobile phone free ebook download, txt download e-books, jar eBook Downloads, UMD ebook download free mobile phone download e-books, is currently the best mobile phone e-book download site of

during this period, Baidu included normal snapshot is normal, but the power is still so low, mobile phones, e-books and other keywords are in 7 pages after

In desperation I

in early September, when the site is 2 and a half months, once again to modify the site title change:

mobile phone mobile phone mobile phone

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