Steps to improve station visits

that I’m going to want to do the station and have done station visits but does not put up the owners say a new station to improve visits due to the attention of what (this is my personal experience, out to share) to improve visits there are two points to note:

1, first want to improve the site’s visit, I first step by step to give you analysis, the first is to see your website has done site optimization.

if the promotion is not achieved, the promotion of the method is not used. (about promotion, you can do ranking in Baidu. And related sites to do friendship connection to increase your site’s amount of access)

followed by web sites. Did you choose a good space provider?.

site is out of space, often problems, can not open the station situation. Or the north and the South can’t communicate. That would lose 1 and a half visits. Such sites, if you want to improve the amount of access. It’s almost impossible. There are two points to choose between space and Commerce: speed. Two stability: these two points are the premise.

can choose the domestic famous space: a new network (such as network, but the price is relatively expensive) of course if you want to choose these two points are reached but taking more appropriate price is.

as long as everyone can solve these two problems. That site visits, do not want to go up difficult (ha ha, I’m here just to talk about my personal experience, I believe that I have more harm than the prawns. It’s ugly here.).

example: I recently done DJ dance station, we can refer to see how to optimize the


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