The bitterness of a music station owner

2:53 on the night of June 15, 2009,

update today! Bored sitting in front of the computer, think of standing back and forth, it is full of


first biemang! A cigarette on the first website! It has been more than 8 months. In the beginning, we represented a digital product, considering the necessity of making a website, because we should advertise our products. However, due to various reasons, product sales are not good. So plan to give up this digital product.

in the blink of an eye, to 09 years in April. Our website has gone into high quality music to share this path.

just started doing high quality music. That is, (all night music – this is also our first stop), a few people on our team feel good. Because everyone’s appreciation level gradually improved, so this road is still quite feasible. Then, find the source code, write procedures, find resources, busy for more than 2 months. Finally, it’s kind of like. Now the daily PV is probably around 5000, about IP500. Although not very high. But 2 months to such a result, but also to our expectations.

personally think that if you want to be a regular station, popular station, the following points must be noted is (of course, I’m just a rookie, said the wrong place also please a lot of advice)

1. web interface.

website is like a person’s face, if you sloppy, out of order, you must not welcome everywhere. It’s the same with websites. Refreshing and personalized interface will greatly enhance the affinity of the site. Will make you remember you. So the website do not make more brightly coloured advertising and the like, and occasionally pop up some such ads, and some download stations, people can not find a download address, imagine, so many download address points out is advertising, the next time the user will come?? this site is also the most easily people resent.

2. site ads.

website advertising can be put, after all, advertising is our main source of grassroots web revenue. However, to put the dignified and imposing. To let customers understand, where my site is advertising. Let them see clearly. This is no disgrace. There’s no need to shrink. Customers understand.

The stickiness of

3. site.

web stickiness can be represented with the simplest data: the ratio of PV to IP. You can say, the bigger the ratio, the higher the stickiness of your site. Users will also choose to come to your site next time. This indicator is closely related to the above 2 points. But the closest thing to this indicator is the following fourth points: Web site >

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