My understanding and understanding of nternet Marketing

this morning, there was a company in Beijing that could not remember what company it was, and said that they had consulted online marketing training in April. Ha ha, speaking of this matter, in fact already is old long ago, oneself almost can not remember this matter. So, here is some related network marketing.


network has been a new thing, especially when the network is in china. We are very cautious, but you earlier I was late, you point me less. It is not necessary to coax cattle B blowing yourself! This made tips, learn your written canon is invincible! Their mobility of this long time of muddy water in the business of network marketing, such as people drinking water, lengnuanzizhi. How difficult he is, how easy it is, and how clear he is. The most important characteristic of me is to tell the truth. Accustomed to other people’s Huyou, perhaps we listen to the truth are not accustomed to the

take the network marketing developed the United States, people are more developed, but not developed their network marketing, (or more precisely, developed only in their country of network marketing) technology but others. Technology and marketing are two different concepts! However, now people are accustomed to their own behind closed doors, drill into the inside the ivory tower alone, what can art and what’s not possible!

marketing must be combined with the local market. Google in the United States great but also to Chinese in a complete mess, not to suffer a big glory! China five or six years is still neither painful nor itching. I should have no problem with the technology of Baidu and Google, but in terms of marketing in the Chinese market and even network marketing, it is undoubtedly that Baidu has gained some upper hand.

Mr. Wang Zhidong Sina played fantastic, on the market, Sina also mixed time China portal No 1. It made a solo IM, would not say do what lava-lava is, what do you mean, I don’t understand, anyway, is not comfortable, Lawala? Or pull it pull? By zhayiting, is to discharge or discharge the pants out? No matter how or where to pull, pull. Can pull VC is good, yeah. But I am saying, money is good! Took ten thousand to earn ten thousand and one, this is earned! A piece of money, throw the ball didn’t trouble this is lost. At the same time, money is money, don’t you


Chinese companies, especially the Internet companies in IT, are too young. Say you have 10 years of time, are big to see you. A few years ago, small workshops like the company is also called the company. I rely on, and now in the street shouting, there is a paste is a small workshop. Do early, boil down to become elite, this is the China Barack

left for the king!

remember some time ago in Henan, a beauty let me see a taxi "MBA class", to tell the truth I haven’t seen this with very limited knowledge and scanty information, the article said a taxi driver. "

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