Three fundamentals of Web site diagnostics

              before the promotion of a website, must be complete and comprehensive understanding of your site’s advantages and disadvantages, targeted adjustment and arrangement, we chat for a new web site to be a basic diagnosis.

as a non site technician, my judgment on a web site focuses on user experience, based on the following aspects:

1. Diagnosis of website structure

1, the overall structure of the web site design is reasonable, such as navigation of the placement is easy to use, there is no pop-up, you need to download the plug-in, there is no third party loading, etc..

2, website access speed is fast, for example, there is no large picture, open the speed or animation category, according to the research that users waiting for a website to open when the patient time is 2-3 seconds, if your site at this time was not open after it, you should check why.

3, the site as a whole conforms to the user’s access habits, in this regard, we all feel that their website has done the best. But a simple example is that at least a significant number of new users come to the site and find no sign up or landing, which is a failure. On the user habits of the problem, you can do more research on the site, and then slowly as the user habits to adjust.

two, the diagnosis of the web page

to see whether the page style of your website conforms to your theme, the content of the page layout is clear, the size of the page size is appropriate, as well as suitable for the theme of the website color, etc..

1, the file diagnosis of the web site

The existing

site link address and file name, whether it meets the user’s habits, or to allow the user to see the address you can remember this column, based on pinyin or English name is a good choice.

2, access to the site, system statistics, diagnosis,

1) uses third party traffic statistics tools, including access statistics installation, antecedents analysis, region analysis, visitor analysis, keyword analysis, etc..

2) try to use the analysis system as much as possible to ensure the accuracy of the data source of the site.

three, reference large sites and the same type of website

this one is most likely to be ignored, because of personal webmaster think I am just a small, technical support is not enough, find a lot of reasons, is not willing to spend the time to learn and refer to the advantages of successful website. A successful website does not entirely depend on his early occupation of the market, but because he can use his advantage earlier to attract users.


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