Discussion on user priority processing thinking in Web Design

most of the time we had to take the users of the web site said, and many times they decide our priority to of vital importance, user thread users to browse the web, users in the use of satisfaction and get the maximum information users.

said users priority look to Android and apple OS, the two have established their own ecosystem, but the use of the two users will feel the use of Apple’s OS convenient and meet user experience at the same time, it has also become a major reason for Apple fans to attack Android users. In fact, I think it is the two point system how to deal with the point for the user, Android is the mobile version of the PC era, and thread processing mode and PC terminal is exactly the same, so Android tablet control speed always seems to be slow; while Apple OS using the processing mode of the user priority, causes the system transient the problems users encounter in the manipulation of all the resources in the user operation will compare Apple such experience will be stronger than the android. Then, what should we pay attention to when we build a website on the Internet for the priority of users?

1: important content important display

users search through the Internet, browse to the web site, through the collection of information within the site to get what you want. It seems now owners do not understand their own website users need what kind of information is the social information quickly reported the comprehensive portal to and depth of mining, with the Internet user’s picture browsing habits, the website should set up important information pictures or words. Users need to see the news, to design the main location of the page. What is an important information website, you must discuss, we can also through the page content analysis and statistical thermodynamic diagram in the Google Baidu statistics to determine the site for those interested in content.

two: content definition should be accurate and accurate


site is composed of many content modules, many website navigation may not be able to play the guiding role of the user, this requires the webmaster must use the content definition of unified standard name guide. For example, the definition of a website I can see is the "Project Runway", when I see the confused, don’t know how to define the web site content, so the definition of the author will not go through, no explanation for the fuzzy definition, really want this website also need to do what position.

three: color distinction and page neat

many times, the color of many websites is very complicated. Maybe the industry doesn’t know it. Maybe the designer is not sure about the color of the website, so all the colors are used again. The site first impression and advertising, do not use a variety of colors entrained in a plane, according to the order of the important content to distinguish colors, try to make a page color use of not more than 2, in addition to the CGI part. The page is tidy >

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