You will never be able to understand a kind of Entrepreneurship Entrepreneurial failure

is a student a very wonderful, he devoted to the study of the failure case, he said: only on those who fail to fail, then summed up the scheme, later he wouldn’t have made such a mistake. Then he saw a lot of travel industry collapse, asked a lot of people engaged in the tourism industry is why fail, the result is mostly because the advertising costs too much money, and very few tourists to the drainage. So he started his own business, and three months later he failed. The reason for the failure is that the cost is reduced, but the local culture is not understood, resulting in fewer tourists. The failure is nothing more than to tell you the cause of the failure of the surface, and those dark and true inside want to make it a secret.

capital in 2015 when winter comes, a large number of Internet companies facing bankruptcy, a director of a company found a lot of entrepreneurs because the financing amount is too small, operation and burn too much, and the flow can not be realized, which leads to the failure of. When he decided to leave the Internet began to start the business, although the initial operating costs reduced, but because the product line, do not understand the value of the valuation and financial integration, can not solve the problem of the capital chain also failed.

loser too much, the reasons for the failure are different, but the only thing in common, the loser will be the real reason for the failure as secret as saved, this is not a loser selfish, but when a failure and a different industry, the reasons of the failure of communication when he will not say, trade secrets, only say reason of surface failure, because the secret is an industry rule. Like many models to the mirror, when you want to have a good development prospects, may be the top leadership unspoken rule, unless there is a family background, although this unspoken rule has All the world knows., but not all industry unspoken rule will be exposed, because there are a few rules is the lifeblood of the industry. Recent comparison of the fire real estate intermediary chain home thing, is a very good case.

you don’t know a loser

when a loser has experienced from the beginning to the end, they gain a lot, although not as successful as the scenery, but they reap the success of the things that do not have, that is pain. Although many people know that after the failure is very painful, but you can never understand their pain, this is where you can not imitate.

losers in addition to pain, more is the experience and lessons learned. Today, some of the successful, but also often go to talk about their failure after the experience and lessons learned. Listening to the lessons and lessons of failure can indeed improve some awareness, increase confidence, and have a slight change in attitude toward the future.

but most of the losers will tell you the sinister way of the road, so you know what a cruel way, but not a real person to listen to. A lot of people grumbled to really follow the lessons of failure and experience, but the truth is that, after hearing the loser advice >

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