The simulation model of train the new darling of the market each year net profit of 300 thousand

children’s market is always full of business opportunities,   therefore, for the purpose of the investment of a friend, is a concern of the industry. Now the creative stuff is getting more and more popular. And those who like these things, most of the pursuit of uniqueness and novelty. And this pair of young couple after 80 to seize the consumer psychology, to do their own business.

1:87, exactly the same structure, and even the chairs and sliding doors are a look…… Shen Lijian and her husband operating on such a small train, the annual net profit of 300 thousand yuan, also set up a club. Into Shen Lijian and her husband is located in the Northeast toy city on the first floor of the train model franchise stores, as if into a railway station".

show treasure found simulation train in 2004, 25 year old Shen Lijian and her husband would like to open a store. Shen Lijian’s husband is a toy fan, home of many different types of toys, toys to deeply feel the husband obsessed with fun, that love toys is not only children, and many adults, so they decided to open a toy store.

> he told Shen Li

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