With the help of preferential policies for college students through loans to achieve entrepreneurial

just graduated from college students, there is no money on hand, it is really difficult to start a business, the loan is a lot of people choose. Now, the state and society are encouraging college students to start their own business, and the relevant venture capital policy is also more favorable, college students to achieve the dream of entrepreneurship through the example of loans abound.

One case:

During the

in order to open the market, Xiao Hao through online sales and store sales, gradually began to blaze a trail. However, due to the backlog of products, poor management and other reasons, the company has been a loss for two years. At this time, the small Hao saw the hope that college students can apply for small loans, and then apply for a loan. How long did it take to get 200 thousand of the small secured loans. Later, the small Hao through continuous improvement of the operating system, increase publicity, through promotions and other means, the company gradually out of the woods, the company’s products began to be the concern of the general public. Now, Yi Jia energy-saving lamps in Yongchuan market occupies a space for one person.

Case two:

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