A lot of O2O entrepreneurial story talking about it becomes an accident

"all happy families are like one another; each unhappy family is unhappy in its own way." Entrepreneurs are: successful companies are similar, the failure of the company have their own reasons for failure. Well, let’s take a look at some of the companies in the field of O2O failed to start the project, and then think about why they fail, what is the inspiration to us.

is located in the headquarters of Xiamen Hui inv software park two door closed

– inv

"accident" location: Fujian,

, Xiamen

"because the Internet promotion is burn, in the prediction of shareholders, the loss is far more than the registered capital, the company has all sold as assets and other shares of the company". This is the company to customers and staff Zhifu letter, posted on the glass door.

at the beginning of 2015, Zhifu Hui e-commerce platform had "1 yuan car" in Xiamen declared closed. After the news, many consumers and investors to give alarm, the entrance of the company".


platform is inv Hui Fu Wang Da Li Chuanxing Mdt InfoTech Ltd official said at the time, will not escape the responsibility, the debt will also.

Li Chuanxing said, he has been a regular operations, as of now, a total investment of Zhifu platform has more than 160 million yuan hui. This 160 million yuan, from his own funds, sales of property income, the sale of some assets and loans to friends and other income. In the meantime, did not expect the Internet promotion so we burn, loss of far more than the registered capital (10 million yuan)."

, according to Haixi Morning News reported that a model is driven by the membership benefits Zhifu, go to the next line of union consumer businesses, businesses in accordance with the contract to the 5% – 10% rebate rebate inv Hui, in the pool, Tomoto Megumi according to a certain proportion of member consumption back to the members.

Another important model of

is "property right" income. A business to join, this business will be a certain proportion in income rebates to inv Hui, also give some discount membership benefits inv. The proportion of the inv Hui business income as a small shareholder, at a certain price to sell membership benefits Zhifu every day, and then a certain percentage of the cash return.

founder Liu Licheng

is not closing

is not closing

"accident" location: Anhui,

, Anqing

from the opening to "closing", only 1 years 2 months.

According to the

in an online report, not closing, Anqing is the first local O2O electricity supplier, the company in June 2013 preparation, has announced 360 million yuan initial investment. In December 24, 2013, the "closing net" officially launched, unlike the Jingdong, Taobao Electric is not closing, only local sales, and promised free delivery orders within half an hour after the door.

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