nvestment in organic food stores need to pay attention to what issues

There are many kinds of

food store classification, choose a relatively hot field to do investment, get rich and more peace of mind. How to invest in organic food store? What problems should be paid attention to. Many novice in this area is not very understanding, look at it.

operation mode

a center in the dissemination of culture as the center, this is a very important point. It involves the positioning of organic food stores. When we are planning organic food stores, when you want to shop, we must first clear your purpose. Of course, the purpose is to make money, but we have to know: money must be the result of "pass". With this kind of thinking, your results will be able to make money. At first, you want to make money immediately, in accordance with the mode of making money, you may be a lot of organic food store is short-sighted, long-term development of insufficient stamina. Because, in the opening of organic food stores, we must first do a good job of culture. Organic food is different from other products, one is to meet consumer demand, the two is to guide consumer demand, and the three is to nurture the future market. These must be centered on cultural communication. Culture includes your corporate culture, product culture, brand culture, consumer culture, etc., should be within the scope of construction. Only to do a good job of cultural work, in order to get more recognition.

clear two key

a key is a function of design, the focus is to improve the service system. Functional positioning design is fundamental, service system is the guarantee. Organic food store is a place to sell culture, your goal is to be clear, you may have a lot of target objects, but to find out the main crowd, for these people to set the function. Stores can not be made "big and complete", need to step by step. The point is to make something that belongs to you, while others don’t have it, or someone else has it and you do it better. Do you want to be a place to sell organic food, or do you have the function of distributors at the same time, or do you have the function of business and leisure at the same time?. This should be set in advance, to highlight the point, taking into account the other. The other is that the service system must be perfected. We have a lot of monopoly service system, but not perfect, imperfect. First of all, our own personnel must recommend

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