What are the principles of investment shops

now, not only real hot, shops investment has become the choice of many people. However, if you want to invest in shops, which, after all, is not a small fee, but also need to do more investigation. Here, Xiaobian to introduce the principles of investment shops need to follow, so as to help investors choose to better investment shops.

1. investment shops planning for the first

is planning for the future development of the prospect of drawing, thus changing the future city in space pattern, which makes some market prosperity or become cold. Obviously, investment shops to planning for the first ", it is" planning change thoroughfare "and" planning to create business opportunities".

2. in a commercial street to choose "corner" and "edge" on the shop

"gold, silver edge, belly is the site selection, the shop in the popular commercial secret. The benefits of a commercial street is not equal, the shop on the corner shop is the first choice. Because the corner sink four people, people should be based on a long time, so the corner shops due to many people, will bring wealth wang. "Edge" refers to a street at both ends of the shop in the stream of people to enter the port, but also just entered the commercial street is interested in the flow of passengers, there is a time to stay high intensive place, the business of shops thriving. "Belly" refers to the middle part of the street, because of traffic dispersion, shopping, walking to the frail and declining interest in shops operating difficulties.

3. choose low not high

customers in the store to shop for time, effort, often reluctant to go upstairs, so the lower floors often create a higher profit than other floors. To this end, in the choice of shop, select the one or two layer than the choice of the three or four shops to have more operational security. In other words, the height of a commercial building and its economic benefits are inversely proportional to the relationship, that is, the higher the floor, the lower the sales, so less profit. This is determined by the customer’s shopping habits and consumer psychology.

4. format matching rationality

this is mainly to avoid too much impact on the market similar products. If in a capacity of 500? 600 households in the District, a dozen hairdressing shops or supermarkets, shops over the same Yetai total consumption of the overall level of people living in the area, the formation of consumer overload, so, this whole business community shops is not good, there will be some investors.

5. shops operating content should be convenient as the main criteria

developers to design shops in order to facilitate the principle of the owners, therefore, the shop operators should be mainly in department stores, pharmacies, printing, beauty, hair, clothing, etc.

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