The introduction of Hefei will receive 100 thousand a number of preferential policies to promote man

in order to comply with the State Council Premier Li Keqiang called on the Hefei area, also carry out the "double week" activities at the same time, promote the introduction of a number of management policy, from the policy, equipment, financing and other aspects for entrepreneurs to open the traffic lights, to ensure the smooth development of innovation and entrepreneurship.

The old city of the future plant

will be part of a customer’s talent and personal business loans are raised to 100 thousand yuan, state-owned enterprises and institutions of science and technology personnel does poineering work from preparation, job title, don’t worry about wages. Hefei yesterday held the "double" mobilization meeting, Hefei city officially issued "on the promotion of some policy suggestions for entrepreneurial innovation peoples mass vigorously".

The use of

What is the

the provincial capital will introduce a series of financial support policy. The annual taxable income of less than $300 thousand small-scale enterprises, which proceeds from the reduced rate of 50% is included in the taxable income at the rate of 20% corporate income tax, value-added tax on small scale tax on sales of not more than 30 thousand yuan enterprises are exempted from value-added tax. Business tax on the monthly turnover of not more than 30 thousand yuan of enterprises, temporarily exempt from business tax.

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