Taobao shop opening process look like Taobao shop

saw her friends opened a Taobao shop you can build up the family fortunes, itchy? Want to open a Taobao shop, you must first know Taobao shop shop process. Today, Xiaobian for everyone to explain in detail the process of Taobao shop, Taobao friends want to look at it.

1. registered Taobao account, improve personal data

The first step of

2. activates the Alipay account authentication

click "my Taobao" – "please name authentication


3. goes on to add the bank card

4. basic certification completed, the following is the shop step

into "my Taobao" — "seller center" — "free shop", this is you have some real name authentication is not complete, click on the "immediate certification", can be completed according to the requirements. Note: the first step to positive and negative real name authentication upload identity, second do not upload my upper body photo and ID card hand head photos, photos of the four recommendations to the photographer, the boss said you clearly to the Taobao shop specifications.   real name authentication requires a total of about two days a day, pay attention to timely attention to the "real name authentication is separated from the two step".

5. shop exam

6. through the real name authentication and shop exam, you can shop

first enter – seller center, click store basic settings, shop names and profiles must fill out related to the type you have to sell the baby, which is good for buyers to quickly search for your shop, increase the flow shop. Shop categories: must choose the category, if not the election Taobao consulting

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