Opening of the third Guangzhou youth entrepreneurship contest

youth entrepreneurship is the main force of entrepreneurial innovation, play a role in optimizing the social and economic structure. Throughout the year have held a variety of youth entrepreneurship contest and exchange activities to help young entrepreneurs realize their dreams.

11 5, the opening of the third Guangzhou youth entrepreneurship contest and the Guangzhou youth entrepreneurship Community Cultural Festival 2015. The scene to carry out the 2015 Guangzhou youth entrepreneurship A round of investment project promotion, business market activities, attracted a total of 80 entrepreneurial team, 200 well-known venture capital institutions and the Guangzhou youth entrepreneurship circle of well-known enterprises responsible person at the scene of resources and project docking.

in the business market, ESUN intelligent snoring pad, 3D printing nylon composite (Yang Ming Technology) and other business projects stall display; the original fresh life of ecological agriculture electronic commerce project booth, exhibition is the soil yam, rice and other agricultural products.

the original fresh life is the electronic commerce project in Guangzhou in 2013 college-graduate village official United Farmers co founded, mainly to support the agricultural development pattern of Internet based community, through the integration of high-quality ecological farm and brand cultivation base, to control the quality from the source, to establish the supply chain management and e-commerce channels. Zhang Yongjia, CO sponsor of the project, said: entrepreneurial market to bring convenience to these young entrepreneurs in Guangzhou. We can stay here and do the same agricultural business entrepreneurial team in-depth exchanges, such as this year we have begun to explore other projects O2O, people know that after we have asked how to carry out, there are opportunities for cooperation; and orders before the business to see we have asked the day after the soil yam, how should the resources docking."

on the establishment of youth entrepreneurship Community Cultural Festival in mind, Guangzhou City Youth Employment Service Center Director Chen Jianlin said, had held the two session of the youth entrepreneurship competition teams reflect, due to the busy competition, mutual exchanges between enterprises, the project team, not enough, hope online has more in-depth exchanges, promote more cooperation.

"through this platform to build youth entrepreneurship community, can make all resources of Guangzhou youth entrepreneurship community more systematic and in-depth exchanges and docking, we also increased access to information, venture capital, they encourage cross-border cooperation, so as to realize the benign operation of the business ecosystem." Chen Jianlin said.

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