Small catering enterprises how to effectively implement the assessment program

good performance appraisal for an enterprise’s stable and sustainable management of important considerations. Big companies have a set of their own company management system and system, but for a small restaurant just started how to implement the assessment program?

job responsibilities to clear

to a certain stage of the development of small and medium-sized catering enterprises, in order to introduce performance appraisal, it is necessary to clearly sort out the job responsibilities and organizational structure, while clearly the responsibilities of various departments. Is not a small hotel does not need the organizational structure and job responsibilities, reduce when the boss felt that increased employee mutual buck passing phenomenon efficiency, a person not to come over, requires relatively clear organizational structure and job responsibilities. Make clear what everyone should do, that is, to design a clear job responsibilities. This is the premise and basis for the design of performance evaluation indicators.

assessment indicators to fine

On the one hand, on the one hand, the evaluation index of

comes from the job responsibilities, on the other hand, it comes from the overall work of the hotel. The catering business, assessment should focus on job responsibilities, to quantify the index of management can be quantified, for some of the more "virtual" indicators, such as the enterprise culture cognition, try not to put into the evaluation system. Performance evaluation can not pursue "comprehensive".

assessment person to be quasi

"quasi" refers to the collection of assessment information to be accurate, the assessment index information should be collected accurately in half an hour. Accuracy is the key to effective assessment. Of course, the manager of a listen, two look, the feeling is also very important, after all, in the work of the assessment, to understand the most real, appropriate, three.

assessment results to use fast

once the assessment results are determined, the results of the assessment will be reflected in the month of the floating salary of employees, while the superior assessment of the interview to allow subordinates to experience the results of the assessment of concern. The assessment results of half a year, a year can be summed up and staff training, promotion, year-end bonus linked to the maximum extent to motivate employees to create better job performance.

assessment process to monitor and guide

performance appraisal will sometimes become part of the manager to send "human" tool, citing a famous saying: "any thing will produce corruption supervision". Especially in the early implementation of the assessment, the human resources department should play the role of guidance, support and supervision of the assessment of the functional departments. In the key links of performance appraisal, the human resources department should play a guiding role in setting up the assessment methods and indicators. In order to make the assessment form a virtuous cycle >

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